A Sacramento Agent Owned Real Estate Company

I admit it — I need professional help.

No, not that kind, though there’s a case to be made for that too.

What I need are several highly professional agents.  I have an immediate need for agents and brokers in this area who want to help me service existing customers, some of whom we’re having to turn away for lack of agents.   I also have a longer term need to grow the company outside of greater Sacramento.

With this in mind, I have taken the first steps in transforming the company into a fully agent owned real estate company.  I’m still working out the details, but for those of you who want to see my evolving thinking on the subject, I invite you to visit our new, recruiting-focused company website and blog, LockwoodRealEstate.net.

In broad outlines, some of what I envision are:

  • A capped and published salary for the officers (actually so far that’s “officer” — me, but I envision two at year’s end), with a very small profit residual beyond that and the rest of the after-expenses company dollar devoted to Internet marketing on behalf of my agents and the profit share pool.
  • A capped commission structure enabling agents to earn 100% of their commission once they reach a certain level of company dollars paid each year.
  • The most generous profit-sharing program in the industry, one that is based not only on recruiting new agents into the company, but also on individual achievement.
  • Having a portion of the company dollar earned by agents you recruit apply to your own commission cap — i.e., you’ll get to the 100% commission level sooner in the year if you help us attract talented agents.

Please contact me (John Lockwood) directly would like to learn more.