Ground Control To Major Tom, Can You Hear Me Major Tom?

I don’t usually come right out and ask for feedback, since everybody knows that when I ask for feedback I’m really just trying to engage you in conversation so I can hypnotize you using my sinister salesman super-powers.

“You are getting very sleepy. You want six bedrooms.”

OK, that doesn’t work, so you can relax.

But today we installed a new comment system on the blog — hosted by a site called disqus. It’s pretty cool. In addition to leaving a comment with your avatar and everything (assuming you have an avatar and everything — but if you don’t, please comment anyway), you can share my paragraphs of outstandingly excellent awesomeness with your thousands of adoring Facebook followers.

Or not.

This Is the Serious Part

Hi. Welcome to the serious part. No really, it’s serious, it’s just the tone is friendly:

I’d really love to know what you think of the new web site. The reason I’d really love to know is that it seems like I used to get more people responding to the old, ugly web site than the new one, even though most everyone agrees the new one is much cleaner and simpler to use. Well, the guy who I paid to design it agrees. And my fabulously beautiful fiancee, Jenniffer, who really has two Fs in her name, agrees. Google Analytics reports that you’re here clicking away and doing searches for homes, clickety clickety click, so let’s take this as a sign that Google agrees and will soon have me back in the number one spot I like so much.

Is It Something I Said?

So what’s going on? Is it something I said?

Is it the fact that we’ve changed our name from “Elite Properties” to “Lockwood Real Estate”, and the first one sounds like a big company, while the second sounds like it’s run by a guy with a broker’s license and a blog?

Is it the yellow? I personally can’t see the yellow very well especially when it’s a normal-sized link, because I’m five thousand years old, and even if I wasn’t, well, jeesh, yellow on white? Hello, contrast? It does look good on the larger titles, though.

Are you just not buying because home prices are falling like a round rock in a vacuum, and you’re thinking — “wait for it…wait for it…” No, I know people are buying. We had something like 8% more people buying in April than last April. So now the number is up to at least six or eight people. When all the short sale offers currently on the books close, it will be sixteen million.

Is it that I didn’t offer you a discount, and you were looking for a cheap agent?

Is it because I failed to convince you of how good Mike Keleshian is, and you’re looking for a good agent? (He’s more awesomer than me, and I’m so cool I’m grammatically incorrect).

You do understand, don’t you, that even though we’re a small company, when the deed records with the county you own the house same as you would if you bought it from Rewell Banker Lyon MegaZip Prudential and Berkowitz, right?

Is it that I’m sounding too desperate?

No, really, John, why don’t you shut the hell up and let the people comment?

[OK, I'm taking over for John, who is too verbose for his own good. The comment box is below. Thanks for chiming in with your feedback on the website.]