Setting a Tentative Date — Yet Another Off Topic Post for Romance Fans

I have great news from the Government. No, it’s not like one of those weird Facebook ads you see where they’ve got some creepy guy from over a headline that reads “Barack Obama Announces He Will Pay Your Mortgage” or whatever.

This is great news for me, on a personal note, and it’s the news that the the folks at US Citizenship and Immigration Services have approved our fiancee visa for Jenniffer (my lovely fiancee who really has two Fs in her name and I’m not kidding). They had quoted five months as a probably time frame and got it done in a little more than three, so we’re happy about that. Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed about the next phase, where the approved petition gets sent along to the State Department and / or the National Visa Center. At some point she has to pass a medical exam, to make sure she’s not going to come here with ebola or Colombian Tapir Flu.

OK, look, I confess. I’m just one of those people who, when they get all excited, starts making up diseases. There’s no such thing as Colombian Tapir Flu. Tapirs do come from there (more or less) but as a rule, having one live in Bogotá would be about as weird as having a Polar Bear in Sacramento.

And that reminds me, since Jenniffer’s from one of those delicious equatorial places where they have beaches like the one pictured (well, not in Bogotá, but at the beach they have beaches), I have already warned her of the grave dangers we face from the polar bears here, and how, when we go outside, we have to distract them by tossing them raw seal meat in a high arc while we run to our cars.

She just rolls her eyes.

That’s my gal.

Yesterday we sent a tentative date for the wedding of July 30th. It’s tentative because there’s still some government meddling that needs doing, and it’s tough to plan how fast that will happen. It’ll be a small ceremony, family only, so that’s why I didn’t invite you. (Well, that and the fact that you’re anonymous and your email address is

  • Alex

    Congrats!!! Great to hear that things are moving along for you and Jenniffer (with two f’s).

    By the way, I hadn’t seen your site in a couple of months, definitely digging the new look.

    • John Lockwood

      Thanks Alex, I appreciate you saying so. I’m not sure the new look has done all I expected of it, but I appreciate the kind words about that and Jenniffer with two Fs. :) Hope you’re doing well.