Property owners may have a difficult time in managing their property especially if they own several. That is when a property manager comes in handy. A property manager is therefore one who is contracted by a landlord or a property owner to oversee the daily operations of his property or properties. The property manager is hence a third party who oversees the management of the rental property on behalf of the landlord. Tenants may also report to the property manager who then conveys necessary information to the landlord. To take care of every issue in property management there are few firms like property management San Jose that provides the best services.

 Here are some of the top 5 responsibilities of a property manager.  

 1.Collection of rent and related responsibilities. 

  Rent collection is one of the main responsibilities of a property manager. The scope of responsibilities may vary depending on the type of agreement between the landlord and the property manager. Other incidental responsibilities include the setting of the rent amount. An experienced property manager is better placed to help you as the property owner gauge the amount of rent that your tenants should pay. They factor in the market value and also where the property is situated. Property managers also collect rent from tenants and also strictly enforce penalties for late payment. They can also adjust the rent upwards in accordance to the law.


 2.Tenant responsibilities.

    A property manager is also tasked with the obligation of managing tenants. This includes finding the right tenants for your rental property. They know where and how to advertise in order to get the right kind of tenant for your property. A property manager also screens tenants by conducting background checks, criminal background checks and also to make sure that the tenant has a steady income to enable him or her pay their rent on time. Other responsibilities include handling leases, move-outs and any complaints or emergencies in respect of the rental property. This saves you the headache of having to directly deal with tenants yourself.  

 3.Maintaining the rental property.  

 It is the responsibility of the property manager to keep the property in a good state of repair. The rental property should be in a good and habitable condition. Property maintenance is a key factor in order to attract good tenants to the house. In case the house needs any repairs, the property manager is tasked with the responsibility of making sure that the same is done.  

 4.Supervision duties. 

  Property managers are also tasked with the duty of supervising other employees who might be related to the well-being of the property. This may include subordinate staff like gardeners, security personnel and others. They also take care of vacant properties and make sure that the property is not vandalized. 

5.Maintenance of records.

   A property manager also manages the budget and the cost of maintenance of the specific rental property on behalf of the property owner. They set up the minimum budget required to maintain the property which is necessary in the case of any emergency repairs.    In conclusion, the duties of a property manager are not cast in stone. They may vary depending on the type of contract between them and the landlord. They also maintain clean records with regards to the property, all the receipts, leases, complaints and others.