Chronic Back-Pain is one of the toughest medical problems to treat and cure and according to research, the condition has been thought to affect a great many people across the world every year. To relief pains and aches, individuals with back problems are encouraged to purchase an ideal mattress that is considered to be very supportive and comfortable when resting or sleeping during the night. Before buying make sure to do the adequate research. A bad mattress can cause more problems such as worsening the pain and its consequences.

The following includes some of the best value ortho mattress for the back on the market that is suitable for all individuals including those suffering from back problems.

Helix Dawn Mattress

This’s one of the ideal mattresses for people with back problems. It’s made with a high-quality material with a great firm feel. Also, it has the capacity to support a variety of body shapes as well as weights. Moreover, with such a high level of firmness, it’s not recommended for every sufferer since its regarded perfect for those who sleep on their back or stomach – not for those who sleep on-their-sides. But if you think the firmness is good for you, then you can go for this special mattress that has all the support and comfort that you need.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

This mattress is ideal for every individual such as those who sleep on their stomach, back, side, or the combination, and it’s considered the best choice for people suffering from back aches and pains. It’s high-quality and comes in 3 firmness levels. It’s well known as a hybrid mattress and includes all the qualities that make it excellent even for couples. What’s more amazing is that it’s packed with a trial of 120 nights of sleep and warranty of 10 years.

Bear Mattress

This kind is best suited for lightweight individuals and it’s designed with an average firm to feel for maximum support and comfort. Furthermore, it helps people suffering from chronic back problems to sleep more soundly while recovering from persistent pain and aches. What’s more loving about this mattress is its ability to absorb pressure very well and the fact that it keeps you cool all night. It’s good for couples and shoppers looking for a high-quality yet a budget-friendly mattress. Purchase this product if you want to sleep hot while enjoying the advantages of a foam mattress.

Layla Mattress

For pressure relief, this product is regarded as the best on the market and it’s designed for different kinds of individuals including stomach, back, and side sleepers with different varieties of shapes and weights. It makes no noise making it good for silent sleepers, and has the capacity to relieve back pain even the most severe. Also, it contains a high degree of cushioning for extra support and comfort and is packed with a lifetime warranty. For people wishing to sleep hot, this one is highly recommended.

DreamCloud Mattress

This type is designed for people with average weight – between 130 to 250 lbs. and those who are looking for an ideal mattress with the ability to balance the total body weight while maintaining its maximum support and comfort. It’s best for both side and back sleepers. The mattress is created to improve relief from back pain and sufferers are assured spinal alignment that’s consistent throughout the night. Moreover, it’s high-quality and less expensive compared to other mattresses in its category and includes a trial of 365 nights of sleep. It’s also suitable for couples and people who like sleeping without any disturbance due to its silent nature.


With this guide, backaches and pain problems will no longer be a burden in your life. When purchasing for an ideal mattress for supporting your back during sleep, please consider factors such as thickness, material construction, preferred sleep position, your weight, and also firmness.